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Why Wildwoven?

More than just pajamas

Wildwoven isn't just about cozy clothes for little ones (although we still have those amazing prints you love!). We're a brand that embraces the wonder of fairytales and the power of play for all ages.

Why Wildwoven?

We prioritize the planet

We use sustainable fabrics like TENCEL modal and organic cotton, minimize waste with small-batch production, and ensure our packaging is either compostable or recyclable. We plant one tree for every order.

Kind choices for the planet are at the heart of everything we do.

We nuture wonder

Research shows adults often lose their playful spark by their twenties. We believe in reigniting that flame! Wildwoven aims to remind everyone of the joy of imagination and the magic of embracing a little wildness.

Capability Statement

Who We Are

Wildwoven is a passionate sustainable clothing brand born from a love for beautiful clothes and a deep respect for our planet. We believe fashion can be kind to the environment, comfortable on your skin, and inspiring in its design.

We're a young company, driven by a team who cares about creating a more sustainable future for fashion. We pour our hearts into crafting high-quality clothing that looks good and feels even better.

Fast-Growing Success

The response to Wildwoven has been incredible. Since launching in 2023, we've seen a surge of support from eco-conscious consumers, generating an impressive $600,000 in direct-to-consumer (DTC) revenue in our first year. This momentum continues, with projections exceeding $2 million in DTC sales alone for this year. We are actively seeking partnerships with large-scale retailers and boutiques to scale distribution, including our licensed products (Penguin Random House, Peanuts, more to be announced soon).

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Microplastic-free Focus: We use TENCEL™ modal, a luxurious fiber made from wood pulp, that biodegrades quickly and minimizes microplastic shedding. We're actively researching sustainable alternatives for the small percentage of spandex currently used.

Home-Compostable Packaging: Your customers can feel good knowing their Wildwoven pieces arrive in packaging that breaks down into harmless materials within 90 days in commercial composting facilities or 180 days in a home compost bin.

Recycled & Recyclable Materials: We use 100% recycled paper or recyclable materials for all inner packaging, minimizing overall waste.

Ink-Based Tags: We've eliminated plastic tags and use comfortable, ink-based alternatives.