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Introducing Wildwoven, our new brand name.

Introducing Wildwoven, our new brand name.

Over a year ago, we filed for a trademark on our Kindthing brand name along with our brand launch. Unfortunately, in recent months, a certain not-so-friendly company decided to block it, even though their case was, let's just say, unconvincing. As a small business, legal battles weren't exactly in our budget, so we decided to embrace the challenge and rebrand!

Fret not, Kindthing fans! This isn't a goodbye... think of it more like a Wild hello! We're absolutely in love with our new name, Wildwoven. It perfectly captures what we're all about: sustainability, earth-loving goodness, and igniting the spark of imagination in both kids and adults.

Wildwoven embodies our core values: environmental responsibility, sustainable practices, and nurturing a sense of wonder and play. Research suggests that adults often lose their sense of playful curiosity by their twenties. This decline isn't just a missed opportunity for fun, it can also have negative health consequences. Wildwoven aims to reignite that spark of imagination and remind everyone, regardless of age, that embracing a little wildness can be truly beneficial.

With our new launch, we're also excited to lean into our fairytale-inspired products. Nothing is changing for kids, they'll get the same amazing prints you're used to... but we're now calling all fantasy fanatics and bookish ladies (who may or may not also be raising tiny humans) – this new adult-focused collection is for you! 

While this might be an unexpected change, we are so grateful for all of your support. Small businesses deal with many bumps and challenges on their journeys, and shopping small (and WILD!) makes a big difference. Please bear with us as we transition our packaging/labels over to our new name, and don't fret if you get something with the old Kindthing branding! Just think of it as a new "vintage" score.

Wildly yours,

Laura, Founder

by Laura Wittig – April 30, 2024